I write thought-provoking interviews with up-and-coming artists from underrepresented backgrounds.

You can find my work in Lossi 36, Voices on Central Asia, Razvivation, Asian American Arts Zine, and of course Canto Cutie.

Interviews from 2022
Poland-based street blogger Ania Kiser | Lossi 36Italy-based street blogger Giulia Blocal | Lossi 36Lithuania-based street blogger Kristina Kurilaite | Lossi 36
Interviews from 2021
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Elista-based illustrator Valeria Nokhaeva | Lossi 36 (pdf)Elista-based photographer Gerel Erendzhenova | Lossi 36 (pdf)Elista-based multimedia artist Delgir Sarieva | Lossi 36 (pdf)
Elista-based artist Cheebaa | Lossi 36 (pdf)Moscow-based artist Syugir Buluktaev | Lossi 36 (pdf)Moscow-based curator Gerel Puteeva | Lossi 36 (pdf)
Moscow-based designer Kristina Dobrokotova | Lossi 36 (pdf)Elista-based photographer Naran Tsebikov | Lossi 36 (pdf)Moscow-based Photographer Chi Ochirov | Lossi 36 (pdf)
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Hong Kong-based illustrator Julie Lai | Canto Cutie, Volume 3London-based designer Karon Ng | Canto Cutie, Volume 3Toronto-based printmaker Karen Kar Yen Law | Canto Cutie, Volume 3
Tashkent-based painter Marie Korovina | Lossi 36 (pdf)Bishkek-based educator and artist Roza Dzhangaracheva | Lossi 36 (pdf)Mumbai-based Hindu artist Vijayalaxmi | Asian American Arts Zine, Volume 4
Thai-American letterer Koy Suntichotinun | Asian American Arts Zine, Volume 4Crimean Tatar folk artist Mamut Churlu | Lossi 36 (pdf)

Crimean Tatar folk artist Mamut Churlu | Voices on Central Asia (reprint)
Armenian-American artists Dilakian brothers | Lossi 36 (pdf)
Bay Area dancer John Paul Alejandro | Asians in the Arts (reprint)Hong Kong-based illustrator Crystal Lee | Canto Cutie, Volume 2MICA fibers student Annika Cheng | Canto Cutie, Volume 2
Interviews from 2020
Austin-based queer artist Tsz Kam | Canto Cutie, Volume 1New York-based artist Matthew Lee | Canto Cutie, Volume 1Vancouver-based art therapist Erica Pang | Canto Cutie, Volume 1
Hong Kong-based archival artist Elaine Chiu | Canto Cutie, Volume 1LA-based comic artist Brenda Chi | Canto Cutie, Volume 1Hong Kong-based landscape artist Kanny Yeung | Canto Cutie, Volume 1

Articles about Russia

Gorokhovets: history preserved in the Russian heartlands | Lossi 36

Articles about food

Siberian Pelmeni | Asian American Arts Zine, Volume 4
Herbal Medicine is All We Have | Asian American Arts Zine, Volume 4
Recipes from an Asian Jew | Asian American Arts Zine, Volume 3

Articles about Cantonese diasporic art

Movement and Geographies: A Cantonese Story | Canto Cutie, Volume 4, Forward
A City on the Water | Canto Cutie, Volume 3, Forward
A Place for Artists | Canto Cutie, Volume 2, Forward
“Who are you?” and other necessary questions | Canto Cutie, Volume 1, Afterward
Identity over Experience | Canto Cutie, Volume 1, Forward

Articles about art education

Пять художников, о которых я рассказываю на уроках искусства | РАЗВИВЕЙШН, January & February 2021